Customer product quality satisfaction starts with the contract review and agreement with the product specifications and requirements. Any deviations from specifications, if there are any, are discussed and settled. From there, the customer’s needs and expectations are established. Achieving and meeting on time those needs translate to customers and other concerned parties’ satisfaction. Value added improvements enhance customer-supplier relationships.

Quality is made in the product through process control and precise quality planning at the very early stage of contract review. Personnel in-house continuous training and upgrading through closer relationships with Sumitomo Metal Industries in Japan and external training centers are the company’s key for competitiveness, higher performance and customer satisfaction.

NPC gives emphasis not only in meeting international standards and customer’s specifications but also ensures that pipe delivery schedules are met promptly. Moreover, NPC ensures that the supplied materials are suitable for wide range of welding parameters. These parameters are taken cared of over and beyond the requirements for strength, elongation, hardness, toughness, bendability and dimensional accuracy. The company goes out of its way to be more flexible in the utmost service and convenience of its customers by keeping a stock of various coils and plates for the popular pipe sizes to cater to small orders required immediately at a very short notice.