NPC monitors and measures the characteristics of the product by means of manufacturing processes, inspection and testing to verify that product requirements have been met. This is carried out at appropriate changes of the product realization process in accordance with planned arrangements.

The acceptable criteria are specified in the Quality Assurance Standard. The evidence of conformity with the acceptance criteria are recorded and maintained. The inspection certificate indicates the person authorizing release of final product.

The release of product and delivery of service to the customer do not proceed until all the specified activities have been satisfactorily completed, unless otherwise approved by a relevant authority and customer.

The inspection and evaluation of product conformity and permission of release of product which are based on the following procedures:

  1. Evaluation of product conformity
  • The final inspection and testing of processes are carried out by authorized inspector and testing personnel, and shall judge whether the result is pass or fail.
  • The person in charge of preparation of inspection certificate in QA Group checks the conformity of whole system, and the result is approved by the QA Manager
  • The QA Manager who issues the inspection certificate has the responsibility to guarantee the final acceptance of product.
  1. Final acceptance of product release
  • The acceptance of product release and evaluation of product conformity are carried out by the QA Manager
  • The records of person(s) authorizing the release of product for delivery to the customer are substituted by the signature of QA Manager of inspection certificate.

The inspection or testing personnel, other than the persons who performed or directly supervised the production of the materials or products, perform the final acceptance inspection at planned stage of the product realization process and product release.