Training & Development

Education and Training

Since the establishment in 1980, employee education and training had been a part of NPC’s culture to strengthen its work force and promote professionalism among the employees. At company’s infancy, the first 4 batches of Saudi National were trained in NPC established Training Center for a period of two years prior to their actual assignment in the manufacturing plant. Our education and training program covers not only orientation for the job and learning the English language but also the intricacies of the different trades in the steel pipe manufacturing business such as safety, basic steel processes, cutting, grinding, welding, machining, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanics, electrics, electronics, machine operation, technical drawing, dimensioning and measurement.

The classroom training program was later integrated with on-the-job-training for the work training process to be more effective. More and more on-the-job-training modules were implemented later in 1990 and Saudi nationals were introduced to line production work after 2 – 3 months of administrative and technical training including good working attitude, discipline and fulfilling their job responsibilities in the office or in the shop floor. Since then, Saudi Nationals working in the company increased gradually to 25% of the total work force. Currently our Saudization program had reached 32%.

NPC added a new dimension to its training and development program. The training on Non-destructive Testing was introduced in-house which is of high importance in steel pipe manufacturing and inspection processes. Non-destructive testing methods taught in NPC consist of visual testing, penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, radiographic testing and ultrasonic testing in accordance with ASNT CP-189. Other related subjects such as safety, quality, basic inspection and feedback mechanism form a part of the training. The non-destructive training program in NPC strictly follows the international standards to obtain certification after examination.

External training and in-house training by Consultants are also held in the company for upgrading of the employees knowledge and skills. This is not only for the new recruits but for all employees in general to promote and enhance their skills in various fields of the organization.

Education and Training is also an integral part of the company quality system. Competence or skills mapping, developmental training program and periodical assessment evaluation are practiced to identify the training needs and the desired level of competence required from the training program.

Education and training is one of the continuing activities of National Pipe Co. Ltd.